Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nepal Orphans Home

Nepal Orphans Home (NOH) and its affiliate Volunteer Nepal is /are the charity I am here volunteering for .
The charity began in 2005 when a volunteer decided to take over an orphanage and provide a better environment for the kids there . Its founder Michael Hess (Papa) and the charity now support over 140 children in 5 different Orphanages/Homes . Four for girls and one for boys . The children get there either because they are orphaned or trafficked and some do have family members but those people cannot support the child.
The aim of course is to provide a safe environment for the kids to grow up . They are provided food and clothing and an education at the "Skylark English school" .
Its only been a week but I can see how happy the kids are ! They are all very smiley , love the camera and speak good English !
This charity is definitely one in which I can attest that your donations are well spent . Its all going to the kids ....but there are always things that the children will need, clothes , books ..etc if you are feeling charitable please go ahead and donate at the following website .  

Attached are some photos of the children : So very cute !

Their school and their lunch - that was a half portion . They might be wee but they can shovel away a ton of food !

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